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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building and indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so today is another episode of the not another WordPress podcast um in this episode i will be showing you or walking you through how to install WooCommerce. Let's get into it. WooCommerce is a plugin that you can use on your WordPress website to make your WordPress website into an ecommerce store.

I'm going to assume to this you can install WordPress on your own. On your dashboard you're logged in, Go the left side and you want to go to plugins and then you click plugins and then at the very top next to the title, there's an add new button and then you type in WooCommerce i just usually type in woo and it pops up and then WooCommerce by Automattic you want to make sure that it's by Automattic and not by anyone else

Inside the WooCommerce Plugin

You get to the WooCommerce front page. Then, pop ups the WooCommerce setup wizard.The first thing to do in the WooCommerce setup wizard is put your address.

Then, you pick what industry your store is gonna operate in. Since this is a digital product WooCommerce tutorial, I'm going to choose electronics and computers. You can also choose fashion, health, food and drink, home furniture garden, CBD education, or other.

Next, choose what type of products will be listed. There's physical products, downloads, subscriptions, memberships, bookings, bundles, customizable products. You do not have to pay extra to sell physical downloads and subscriptions. But then you have to pay more for memberships, bookings, bundles and, customizable products

After, WooCommerce will want to know more about your business. They ask questions like  how many products do you plan to display? Are you currently selling elsewhere? Do you own a different WooCommerce store? do you have a physical location?

WooCommerce Extension

WooCommerce extensions add features to your online store. There are free extensions like WooCommerce payments to accept credit cards. Or email marketing extensions like MailPoet.

WooCommerce Theme

After we choose a theme. You can use a free theme from WordPress to choose a much nicer theme from Smashing Themes

Now you can install WooCommerce to create a WooCommerce store after listening to this episode that's all i have thank you for listening have a nice day bye