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building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds. People online call me supremerumham. And this is the building. Whoa. This is the building and the business podcast recorded in the indie business studio. Okay, so today, I want to go over how to sell a digital product. on WordPress. Yes, we're back to WordPress tutorials. So let's get into it, how to sell digital products on WordPress. Okay, so you start at your dashboard. And then, since you already have WooCommerce installed, you go to products, you go to Add New, and then you have all your basic product information, you have add new product, or no product name, product, scription, add media, then you have publish product categories. I'm not going to talk about all that today. I'm gonna go down to product data. And you have the option to say what type of product it is, is a simple product. Is it a group product is an external affiliate variable? For this one, it's a simple product. And next, you have a checkbox. So is your product virtual? Or is it downloadable? Right? So you want to check downloadable. Then you're gonna put in your price. So 1999 is the regular price, and 1599 is the sales price. And then you could schedule your sales price from October 28 to October 30. Okay. And then you're gonna name your file. So, um, what do I want to sell? Okay, I'm gonna sell a podcast episode. Oh, I'm gonna sell the podcast trailer. So I'm going to name it. Building. Oops, why is it like that? Building and in the business, podcast, trailer. All right. And then. So that's the name of a downloadable file. Then there's the file your URL, and then you'll choose your file. Mine's in downloads, I believe. Yes, it is. You're gonna title it. And I would just title it. Exactly. But it is. Um, hold on, I have to delete it. First, you want to name your title, or you want to name your file? Because mine just came out as letters. So I'm literally going to just name it the same exact thing. Building in the indie business. Podcast trailer. Okay. Now, I go back, and choose File, Upload select the file uploading. Alright, so the title game is the same scription is the same. Insert File. Alright. And then there's the download limit. Someone can download this and redownload it as many times as they want. And then download expiration date, enter the number of days for a download link expires or leave blank. So if you leave it blank that means that um, it never expires. People can always download it. Sorry, I don't know why I forgot that. Um, so for product category, I'm going to do podcast episodes. Add New Category. And the reason why I want to do this This is because I want to show you what it looks like just if this was a real product the product tag would be podcast set the product image I'm going to do forever loads just like an image that I have that set their product image gallery you know if you have audio then you don't really need a lot of images right but your scription should be strong so I'm podcast trailer is the the title and then I'm going to put in the paragraph podcast trailer for the be AIB podcast if you want to buy it as a momento and this is like no one can see this but I'm still like filling it out like someone can. short product description. Let's do B IB podcast trailer. Um, yes. Okay. So I filled out everything. Now I'm going to publish and it's publishing, publishing, publishing, publishing. And then preview changes. And it is loading, loading, loading loading. I made it out of clay loading, loading, loading 1234 Hey. Okay. So, podcast trailer $19, Bab podcast trailer category, Podcast, episode tag podcasts, then you could switch between the images like any normal and then podcast trailer for the big podcast, we want to buy it as a memento that's after the images then there's also the opportunity for reviews. But what I would like to do is add add the actual audio to the the product page. And the product short description should be short product description has an opportunity or like a button. Actually the both do to add media so I'm just gonna press that button. INSERT INTO to product and there's the audio. Let's see if you can hear Hello and welcome to the building and any business podcast. Okay. So yes, now I'm going to update it's loading, loading, loading, loading. Alright, then preview changes. preview changes loading, loading, loading, loading. Um, okay, so now the, the audio is first and then the VIB podcast trailer, the little description, so I don't like oh, that's so close. So I'm going to add a little space just hit enter. Right after the audio. Okay, um, then I have to refresh. Um, yes, it's loading. Um, all right, that didn't do anything. Okay. Anyways, the reason why I want to add space is just because I'd like to give us some space. It was an actual like, product page, but uh, yeah, that's Everything Yeah, so that's how you can do. That's how you can sell digital products on WordPress, how to sell digital downloads. Yeah yeah, that's all I have for this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day bye